Interactive Range

The products can 'interact' or be used with any of the other ranges. The products prepare the skin for the application of the important active products, or boost their effects. They include make-up removers, cleansers, specialised moisturisers and masques.

  • Eye Make-up Remover
  • Aquatrol
  • Cleansing Cream
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Super Moisturiser
  • Claytech Masque
  • Hand & Nail Cream

Alpha Hydroxy Range

Based on gentle, non-toxic Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), this range helps to soften and smooth the skin, as well as assistin natural exfoliation for a clearer skin, greatr resilience and finer texture. The range includes toners, creams, gels and body products.

  • Apha Toner Mild
  • Alpha Toner Forte
  • Alpha Cream Mild
  • Alpha Gel
  • Alpha Day Lotion (SPF 15)
  • Derma-Lac Lotion

ß-Active Range

Geared for problem skins, each product contains Australian tea trea oil for its antiseptic properties, as well as other customised ingredients such as salicylic acid and colostrum. The range includes cleansers, toner, moisturiser and spot lotion.

  • Sebutrol
  • Sebuwash
  • Sebutone
  • Sebugel-A
  • Sebuspot
  • Sebumask

Sun Care Range

RAD SPF 15 is a revolutionary sunscreen that provides protection from UVA and UVB irradiation. It contains sun filters and reflectants, as well as a free radical scavenging system consisting of anti-oxidant vitamins.

The AVST™ Range

The Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy or AVST™ consists of five moisturisers, an exfolient masque and a hydrating lotion for the body. The moisturisers are produced in varyin strengths of vitamins A and C. The combination of Vitamin A, powerful antioxidants and flavenoids help to restore skin cells resulting in a more youthful complexion.

  • AVST 1
  • AVST 2
  • AVST 3
  • AVST 4
  • AVST 5
  • AVST hydrating lotion
  • AVST hydrating exfolient masque
  • AVST A, C, & E body oil
  • AVST gel
  • AVST eye gel

Ionzyme® Range

Luxurious treatments available for photo-damaged skin, uneven skintone and blemishes. The products introduce the skin to unparalleled vitamin penetration, achieving dramatic results within weeks. The new formulas of the C-Quence Gels series contain progressively more active, highly absorbent vitamins A, C and E. C-Quence Crème combats dehydration and completes the antioxidant protection of the Ionzyme series.

  • C-Quence 1
  • C-Quence 2
  • C-Quence 3
  • C-Quence 4
  • C-Quence Toner
  • C-Quence Crème
  • C-Quence Eye Gel
  • Masque Citrique
  • Ionzyme® Focus Frown Serum
  • Ionzyme® Focus Hydrating Serum
  • C-Quence Lip Balm

Intensive Range

This range is used as a supplement to the AVST and Ionzyme® ranges. Each product contains specific active ingredients, including vitamin C, colostrum, alpha lipoic acid and retinol in high concentration to offer the user maximum skin rejuvenation and treatment benefits for specific problem areas.

  • C-Boost
  • Anti-Oxidant Gel
  • Colostrum Gel
  • Hydrating Oil Capsules
  • Retinol 1, 2 & 3
  • EssentiA Forte