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Patrick Holford

Why take supplements?
Over recent years the nutritional profile of foods has changed and for many people whose lifestyles have become more and more pressured and fast-paced, it is not always possible to obtain optimal levels of nutrition from the diet. Supplements can have a role to play to help ensure the daily intake of important nutrients.

The methods of growing crops have chaged dramatically in recent years. Modern intensive industrial farming methods have led to changes in the levels of minerals and nutrients in the soil. A United Nations report estimates that over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from "hidden hunger" – dietary deficiencies that undermine their physical and mental health.

Storage of fresh produce both in transit, supermarket shelf and domestic house, followed by cooking and processing then diminishes nutrients further.

A report by the UK Ministry of Agriculture titled 'The Composition of Food', shows the changes in nutritional content of fruit, vegetables and meat in the past 60 years.

  • Vegetables have lost on average 24% of their magnesium, 46% of their calcium, 27% of their iron, 76% of their copper
  • Among 17 varieties of fruit, the amounts of both magnesium and calcium were 16% lower, zinc was down by 27%, the iron content 24% and the copper content by 20%
  • In a range of 10 popular cuts of meat, the iron content fell by 54% and the copper content by 24%
  • Selenium (a key anti-ageing mineral) in fresh food is down by 50%

Advanced Nutrition Programme – Your premium quality supplement

Quality of Active Ingredients

Trusted for quality and quantity of dosage and using the finest ingredients, The Advanced Nutrition Programme range has been formulated by Patrick Holford who has more than 30 years experience in nutrition and research into the effects of nutrients on our health.

We are committed to including ingredients that offer the best absorption and bioavailability.

No extras

Our binders and fillers are always inert or add some benefit. They are specially chosen to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

We aim to use the most appropriate and natural components available. The use of artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners is avoided and animal derived agents are also minimised.

Many of the supplements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.